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GRP Roofing in Salisbury

Fibreglass roofs (also called GRP Roofing in Salisbury or Fiberglass) have some very unique advantages over felt or bitumen flat roofing systems, and are sometimes a very cost-effective way to re-waterproof your flat roof areas.

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Quality Roofing in Salisbury

To be helpful however, they need to be done well. Fibreglass is inherently a robust material, it can take considerable loads in compression, and can twist in “torsion”. Fibreglass can nonetheless be brittle, and if not applied correctly it can crack.

Almost a third of our work is repairing or replacing poor quality, badly installed or downright sloppy fibreglass roofs that have failed – a large number of are under 5 years old, well within the claimed “guarantee” period.

Unfortunately like a lot of industries, the fibreglass roofing industry has pulled in it’s fair share of “cowboys” because there is no official minimum standards for this kind of roofing system, the materials are available to all, and no-one checks up on how work has been completed.

What is GRP Roofing?

To begin with “Fibreglass” is a material not a system. Each fibreglass roof will be different depending on how it’s laid-up – so do NOT assume that 2 quotations for a “Fiberglass Roof” will be for the same thing and the same specification. If obtaining a quote for GRP roofing in Salisbury, be sure that the company quoting you inform you of what you’re getting for your money.

Any company that can’t tell you how the roof will be laid up or who don’t include this specification in their quotations must be avoided. Select Roofix Company to install your fibreglass roofing and you can be assured of the very highest standards of workmanship and materials.



  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Solid & Durable Easy Installation
  • Non-slip Finish Option Perfect for Balconies, Terraces & Walkways
  • Lead Roof Reproduction
  • Choice of Colour

  • Choice of Colour
  • Energy-efficient Roofing
  • Can Incorporate Insulation
  • New Build or Repairs
  • Cold Applied
  • 30 Year Guarantee

30 Year Guarantee For Fibreglass GRP Roofing

Not only does it look good, it also carries a 30 year guarantee and is maintenance free. In our experience a professionally applied fibreglass roof will last a lot longer than the 30 years. When compared with an average life expectancy of bitumen based materials, the life expectancy of GRP roofing in Salisbury is far greater than other flat roof products making it a cheaper option on a year by year structure.

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