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Choosing us for slate roofing in Salisbury would mean you have the security of a skilled and well known slate roofing company. Our team have excellent knowledge and are highly skilled in a range of services including slate re-roofing, roof restoration and roof repairs. Slate is a hard material and so if a tile falls it would likely break, and slate tiles might also crack, but our roofers can replace part of roofs or single tiles to keep your roof looking wonderful.

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  • Repairing slate roofing in Salisbury
  • Full or part re-roofing
  • Construction of new roofs
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We’ve been providing Salisbury homeowners with a total slate roofing service for over 20 years. Our work is maintained by our insurance guarantee, meaning you can sit back and relax knowing our local, professional, Salisbury roofers have the job secured.

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We‘ll be happy to come and give you a no obligation free of charge estimate on any slate installation or repair work you need. We are proud of our affordable prices and great service for slate roofing in Salisbury. Quality is uppermost in our thoughts when accomplishing the work. You can relax with the knowledge that we’ll deliver a professional service, and at the right price, wherever you are in Salisbury.

Call 07340 409 099 to discuss your slate roofing repairs with one of our Salisbury based roofers.

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  • Ensure you check your roof at least once a year for minor problems such as loose slates, loose ridges on the outside and investigate damp areas specially on roof timbers internally. If in any doubt get a specialist slate roof repairer in to check, not all cracks, flaking or changes in colour necessarily mean the roof needs repair.
  • Keep an eye on any vegetation which starts to grow in the roof or gutters and clear away moss debris and anything that could hold water or prevent it from flowing off the roof. Be cautious about ivy as this can dislodge slates the higher it grows.
  • Hiring a roofing contractor with specialist and proven experience in working with stone slate roofs is advisable. It is common-sense to check that they can show you local examples of the standard of their work..
  • Do not leave minor problems, because they will invariably lead to larger and more expensive difficulties as time passes.
  • Don’t bed stone slates in mortar. The mortar can draw moisture between the stones and into the roof structure, and also damages the stone.